For over 50 years we have been involved in the design, assembling and production of cutting-edge agricultural machinery, ensuring dedicated assistance and consultancy services.

Through our experience, we offer a complete range of innovative machinery in order to meet specific demands.

The company was founded by Salvatore Rapisarda, a man with an ambitious spirit and confidence, who managed, with his machinery, to become a role model for any local farmers.

Later on, Mr. Mauro Rapisarda joined the company and his outstanding skills as a modern entrepreneur allowed the company to continuously grow both nationally and abroad.

Over the years, initiative, determination and ambition have led to the creation of top-notch niche products, establishing the quality of the Rapisarda brand.



At Ubaldi everyone works with great passion, to give every piece of machinery the same value, care and tradition of the true and authentic Ubaldi culture.

Ubaldi takes care of each component with meticulous attention, thanks to highly skilled workers with many years of experience, ensuring high quality products.

The company, with more than 100 years of activity, celebrates and reaffirms a strong reliability given by a long and profitable experience in the production of seed drills, to which, over time, mulchers and trailers have been added, striving for the best build-quality.

Nowadays, Ubaldi is synonymous with technological and commercial knowledge and skills, as well as professionalism of its workforce, who are driven by well established entrepreneurial and organizational ability. The accurate planning phase is carried out by the qualified workforce of the company, translating into reality the high quality of the theoretical planning.

The pursuit of quality has always been Ubaldi’s mission. Therefore, our machinery are designed and developed in order to keep their (successful) features over-time, with a virtually no-maintenance by the user.

Thanks to the continuous attention during the complete production cycle of the machinery, entirely designed and developed in-house, whenever necessary, the company know-how is available to quickly solve any problem, anywhere, and with a range of spare-parts for all types of machinery, recently-built or delivered decades ago, thanks to the longevity of Ubaldi.